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This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chapter 1.3: Gandaiz and the Cigarette Lighter Ring

Soon, it was time for Belacanboh to make a speech. But he donno what to say. So he stood on the top of the Burger King counter and did a strip-dance instead.

He danced and danced and danced when he was about to take of his er... socks, suddenly.... POOF! He disappeared.

"Eh? Where my uncle go har?" said Kendo.

"He's still dancing there lar. But we cannot see him because of the haze," said Gandaiz.

but then hor, all the other Bloggits thought Belacanboh gone missing already, plus the haze caused by Gandaiz's fireworks was killing them, so they all go home.

Belacanboh managed to sneak off to his house under the escalator, and was packing his bags, when Gandaiz suddenly appear.



"What you doing lar?" said Gandaiz. "Going holiday is it?"

Yalar. holiday. bought Air-Asia ticket. Dam kau cheap," said Belacanboh. "Anyway, I've had my fun, now I give Kendo my spot under the escalator. His house in car park now in state of emergency because of haze. Here better. Got air-con."

"How about your magic ring eh?"

"Wat magic ring. You want? KENOT! It's mine! My Honey, My Sayang, My Pwecious!"

So Gandaiz became angry, and he suddenly become like Sadako, and scare the hell out of Belacanboh, who started crying like Rafidah..

"Oklar oklar, I give you. But must give to Kendo ok? Now I want to go to holiday oledi."

So it was that Belacanboh left his house under the Escalator to Kendo, and left a golden ring lying on the floor.

Gandaiz wanted to pick up the Ring and go and pawn it, but when he tried to pick it up, suddenly a FLAME came shooting out of it like cigarette lighter, and burn him.

So Gandaiz tak jadi pick up the Ring, and had to go find Burnol to treat his burn-wound.

By the time he finish applying the Burnol, Kendo came back and pick up the Ring oledi.



Blogger She's Jess said...

Your story follows what is really happening to KL. That's real cool!

1:24 AM  
Blogger Lil Patchee said...

*lol* Nice one!!!

9:00 AM  
Blogger kekure said...

promote Air Asia samor LOL

9:46 PM  
Blogger Belacan said...

yay, i go holiday. woi, must have cun chick lar, quick quick!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Simple American said...

Just discovered you blog. Real funny stuff. Too bad some is true.

3:23 AM  

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