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This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chapter 2.1: One-Two-Som in the Dark...

... The bloggit was called Kaulum, and he spoke with a weird accent. One day, he found the Cincin Namber One in a river (Director: actually got more story to this wan, but later can ar?), and it turn him into some weird fella who talk with weird accent, and talk to himself a lot.

Sometimes he can turn into another person called also Vincegol, especially when that Kaulum never update his blog. Vincegol was a very conflicted personality who supports Manchester United, but also hates people who disses his homeland. He has a very ugly blog.

Anyway, Kaulum was happy happy staying in Gua Tempurung, spending everyday stroking his thing... sorry, Ring, when one day, another bloggit called Belacanboh turned up (he was with some tourist group, but he got lost while spelunking), found Kaulum's ring on the floor (funny how these things always end up on the floor eh?) and challenged him to play One-Two-Som

After losing a few rounds, Belacanboh decided to bet the Ring, but as he was reaching into his pocket to take it out, he accidently put it on, and he dissapeared! Sensing betapa powernya the Ring was, he cabut fast fast, and Kaulum had no more Ring to stroke. So he stroked other.. er.. Things.

As time past, Eyeron finally managed to get hold of an Internet connection, and began blogging again. This time, because he was so mad at the Elves and Jantan-Jantan (he still couldn't be bothered with the dwarves, who had now moved on to digging the tunnel at the Sungai Besi highway), he decided to find his old Cincin Namber One, and use it to subscribe to Streamyx.

But then, he couldn't find it, so he is stuck with Jaring dial-up for now, which means he cannot go out of his HQ.

But he is still looking for his Cincin...




"And that is the story of the Cincin Namber One," said Gandaiz. "Good story eh? I always pride myself on telling good stories, especially when I have bloggits sitting on my lap."

"Anyway, now you know the story of the Cincin. And now I have to warn you - you have to cabut from One Utama."

"Why?" said Kendo.

"Because Eyeron is coming for you. He found out where the Cincin is by catching Kaulum, and torturing him into telling him where it is by playing the Crazy Frog song over and over again to him."

"GAH! Crazy Frog! The horror! The horror!"

"That's not all. He also showed Kaulum pictures of Pinky the Poodle in Zebra-striped stockings..."



Anonymous Laura said...

aiyo..frigging funnylarrr...

I'll laugh harder when I listen to Crazy Frog again..and don't get me started on THAT pink poodle...

Nice work!

12:09 AM  
Blogger She's Jess said...

Thank you for your story Eyeris a.k.a Eyeron :)

2:42 AM  
Blogger Belacan said...

fulat! like tis is getting interesting. i wonder who will be aragorn and hotbabe. hehehe

3:52 PM  

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