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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Chapter 2.2: Gandaiz Looks Up Air-Suam's Skirt

Director: *Boots his Eyeron-self out of Director's chair*


*Grapples around with himself like Edward Norton in Fight Club*

Pant, pant.

Ok, now that we've got that snivelling Eye out of my chair, we can now get back to the parody.

And Action!


Suddenly, just as Gandaiz was telling Kendo all about the horrors of Pinky the poodle and her missing zebra-striped stocking-wearing minions, they heard a noise outside the window, and Gandaiz spotted someone dropping some eaves on them.

"Hey, I didn't know the underground car park in 1 Utama had windows," said Gandaiz.

"Oh, that window is actualy a glass panel under the escalator so Uncle Belacanboh can lie down and look up girls' skirts. Useful, eh?"

Gandaiz was speechless, because he was looking up a skirt at that very moment. Which turned out to be Suamwise 'Air-Suam' Gangrine's skirt.

"OI! OLD PERVERT!" she yelled, thwacking Gandaiz on his purple nose.

"HEY! I am supposed to be the one who whacks you, then grabs you and then throws you on the table and... oh. Never mind. Nice weather we're having eh?" said Gandaiz, blinking innocently. "Anyway, since you're here, I can send BOTH of you on the trip."

"WHEEE! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!" Air-Suam yelped, dancing around like a lu-lu. "Wait. Where are we going?"

"I am not sure yet. I still need to go somewhere first, to go and consult my tai-kor - Shaoruman. He is the most powerful of my order, and we all respek him because he was the one who chased Pinky the Poodle back to Pets-R-Us."

"You all go jalan-jalan first, and then I meet you at Amcorp Mall Starbucks, ok?" said Gandaiz. "Keep the cincin safe. And whatever you do, STAY OFF THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY."

"Why?" asked Air-Suam.

"Now rush hour lar, damn jam there."



Blogger Belacan said...


3:21 PM  
Blogger yzzi said...

hahahah..comelnya blog u

6:18 PM  
Blogger zyrin said...

"Now rush hour lar, damn jam there."

ciss... i thought whattt....


11:54 PM  
Blogger sashi said...

Woi! Update lah! The suspense is killing me - I want to know:

Who is Darth Vader??!?!?

oh, wait, wrong epic...

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