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This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Chapter 2.3: The Vitch-King of Klangmar!

So it was that after almost a month of procrastination (as well as a case of extreme parody-block that struck the director) that Kendo and Suamwise decided to set off for Amcorp Mall.

Just as Dindo and Suamwise were going to leave for the Amcorp Mall Bree-market, suddenly, Minirry and Peterpin came around and threw vegetables at them, pestering Kendo to let them come along.

Luckily, Kendo managed to find his own transport, a Proton Iswara called Bill8555 that should be able to fit all the bloggits into it, even and even have a place in the boot for Peterpin's super-canggih wheelchair.

However, just as they were going into the car park to get to Bill8555, they were ambushed by a scary looking person covered in black.

It was one of Eyeron's greatest minions, the dreaded Ah-Benguls, who were the NINE Jantan Tai-kors who kena tipu by the MIGHTY and INCDREDIBLY HANSEM Eyeron last time!

They are led by the owner of the worse ever Afro in the Blogosphere - The Vitch-King of Klangmar!

The one that ambushed them was wearing a black T-Shirt, with highlighted hair, and was riding a black BMX bicycle as fast as it could towards them.

At the sight of the Ah-Bengul, Kendo was suddenly overcome by an urge to take the Cincin Namber One out and throw it at the Ah-Bengul, but luckily, Suamwise hit him on the head with a cabbage that was aimed at the Ah-Bengul (Director: alright, NO MORE alcohol for Suamwise).

Kendo immedietely woke up and pressed Bill8555's alarm, and they managed to get away in the nick of time. (loading Peterpin's wheelchair took a bit of time, but luckily, at that crucial moment, the Ah-Bengul got distracted by a modified Kancil parked next to his BMX.)

With screeching tyres, Kendo FLEW out of the carpark, and headed to the LDP, only to see two more Ah-Benguls on BMXs chasing them. Luckily, the LDP was not that jam, so they managed to get away, and eventually, they got to Amcorp Mall.

Meanwhile, Gandaiz was on the way to see his tai-kor Shaoruman the Whiteguy at...



Anonymous 8555 said...

woah! Bill8555 sounds super cool! He's my idol!

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