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Monday, November 28, 2005

Chapter 4.0: The Bloggits get to Amcorp Mall

At the same time as when Gandaiz was just about to jump off the Menara Telegard with his parachute,

Kendo was driving into the Amcorp Mall car park, where he had to pay bloody RM2 for a crappy parking lot.

As he pulled in, one of the security guards asked them, "OI! APA BIKIN SINI?"

"We're going to the mamak shop inside. Apa kita bikin is none of your damn business."

"Oi, don't scold him like that lar. he's only doing his job," said the second guard. "See, you make him cry oledi..."

"WAAA!" wailed the first security guard.

Ignoring the two guards, the bloggits got out of the car (and got Peterpin's wheelchair out of the boot), and they headed towards the lower ground floor to look for Gandaiz.

"HEY! Why this mall got no disabled facilities wan?!?!?" cried Peterpin. "I wanna complain to the management!"

So off they went to see the management of Amcorp Mall.

"Manager! We want to complain about the lack of disabled facilities at Amcorp Mall! Oh, and have you seen a purple guy called Gandaiz?"

Since the manager told them that there was no such person, they all headed for the mamak stall to wait for Gandaiz (the manager had promised to buy them teh tarik in return for them not kicking up a fuss about the disabled stuff again).

While they were they, Kendo noticed a very dodgy looking character sitting in the corner all alone, smoking Gudang Garam, while staring at them and looking mighty suspicious indeed.

"Manager, who's that guy over there?" asked Kendo.

"Oh, he's one of them Pegawai Lalulintas. They carry those big BERHENTI signs and wait outside schools, and help the schoolkids cross the road. Very powerful, these guys. They can stop a lorry with a single whistle," said the manager.

With that, Kendo paid the stranger no heed. But just then, his fingers brushed against the Cincin Namber ONE in his pocket, and everything started spinning round and round. He could hear Peterpin still complaining to the manager about the disabled facilities, and Minirry was grumbling something about her period... er... film or something, and Suamwise was ordering some whoregarden or something.

Then, he heard someone shout out beside him... "BOSS! MAU MINUM APA???"

With that shout, Kendo terus terkejut, and he jumped up in the air, onto the table, and promptly fell back down again, and the Cincin FLEW up in the air, and so 'ngam' it landed perfectly around his big toe.....



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