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This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Chapter 4.3: From Amcorp to Jayatop


"Basket, drive so long only reach Section 14 ar? From last Bumi-Tengah update until now, oledi Chinese New Year. This story macam tak habis habis wan lar," thought Kendo.

"Eh, can we go some place to minum minum ar?" asked Peterpin, who was hungry for sushi and sashimi. "I want my second breakfast!"

"Patience, Peterpin. Now Chinese New Year season, all the shops all close, so I have to come to the Jaya supermarket here to buy food, said Mackragorn. "Now, all four of you wait here, while I go buy some Gudang Garam.

"I've double parked illegally, so nah, I give you each a stick to chase away any traffic police that tries to saman the car."

And with that, Mackragorn dissapeared into Jayatop, leaving the four hungry bloggits by themselves. Kendo decided to go to sleep, leaving the other three to fend for themselves.

"Basket, Chinese New Year this year macam no mood only. Anybody got fireworks ar?" asked Minirry. Peterpin had some, so off they went out of the car to light their fireworks.


Kendo woke up with a start. "OI! WHAT THE HELL YOU PEOPLE DOING?"

"We celebrating Chinese New Year lar. Stuck in car so long, no Angpau. At least can play fireworks lor. You want one?" said Minirry.

"NO! Stop it! Afterwards the MPPJ come and saman us!! We got no money to give bribe!"

"Uh oh, too late, I see BMX bikes at the traffic light," said Suamwise.


So off the bloggits ran, up the escalator of Jaya Supermarket, where they came to the Popular Bookshop.

"Oh no, we're trapped! Why this Popular Bookstore only one entrance one?" wailed Kendo.

As they looked around in horror, the Ah-Benguls came in, and cornered the bloggits in the CD section of the store. The bloggits tried throwing CDs at them (Suamwise had heard that someone called Shaun had killed zombies with music records before), but the only one that had any effect on the Ah-Benguls was a Beyond compilation box set (which stopped them for all of five seconds, the time it took for the Ah-Benguls to stash it away in a backpack).

The AhBenguls knocked Suamwise, Minirry and Peterpin aside (lucky Peterpin had his seatbelt on or he would have fallen out of his wheelchair), and advanced upon Kendo, each holding a Michael Learns to Rock CD ready to throw at him...

Just then, Kendo thought, "Oh shit, What do I do? Oh! Maybe they are allergic to chocolate-chip cookies!", and decide to put on the Cincin Namber One....



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