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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chapter 5.0: Kendo gets sick, Suamwise panics

Mackragorn rushed over to Kendo (who was covering his ears with his hands screaming, "NOOO!!! AWIE!! AWIE!! STOP THE HORROR!!!") and checked his pulse (to which Suamwise said: "Allo, brader. The fella still screaming and kicking lar. Mana ada mati?"), and finally, looked at where the Virch-King had stabbed Kendo with a Swiss (Danish-made) Army Knife.

Mackragorn: "Ah, I see. That Swiss Army Knife was a pirated one. So it was rusty. That's why he looks so bad."

Suamwise: "But I thought you said it was because of your sing..."

Mackragorn: "SHHH! Be quiet! I am trying to see if I can heal this."

*Mackragorn slaps Kendo around a bit, kicking him in the guts to try and wake him up, which promptly sends Kendo into a semi-comatose state*

Mackragorn: "Oops."

Suamwise: "WHAAAT?!?!?! What have you done with Mr Kendo?!?!?! ARGH!!! PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!

Mackragorn: "Er... don't worry. His er... sickness has gone beyond my powers of healing. I could try singing him back to life with some Sheila on 7 songs, but he still needs more powerful medicine. But I can stall it. Can you find me some elephant grass?"

Suamwise: "Elephant grass?"

Mackragorn: "LALLANG lar! Now go get me some and push two milligrams of it in his mouth, STAT!"

So it was that Suamwise and Mackragorn left Peterpin (who was trying to see how fast his wheelchair could go if he zoomed down the slide at top rocket speed) and Minirry (who was testing out her new wonderbra she'd bought to counter boyfriend 'flat' remarks) with Kendo in the playground next to Jayatop, and went around looking for some lallang.

By and by, Mackragorn found some grass, and took out his 20 sen pocket knife out to cut some, when suddenly, there was a strange cold metallic feeling by his throat, and a melodious voice said to him:

"Eh, apa ni? Tarak kerja lain ka? Ada permit potong rumput tak?"



Anonymous Alynna said...

Hahaha, rusty one!
Eh, I'd pick Sheila on 7 over elephant grass any day. ;)

12:07 AM  

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