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This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chapter 5.1: The Debut of Pointy Ears

Mackragorn looked up, and to his horror, saw standing in front of him, a guy with pointy ears, long blonde hair, a rather hamsap look, and pointing a frozen Koi fish at his neck.

Mackragorn: "GAH!"

DIRECTOR: "CUT! Oi, LeKYolas! You're not supposed to be in this scene! Get off the stage!"

*LeKYolas pouts, and then storms off the stage to go swim with his Koi fishes*

DIRECTOR: "Ok, now that we've gotten rid of that hamsap lou (what was he doing makign a pass at Mackragorn anyway?), we can start again. and... ACTION!"

So, wiping the cold sweat of his forehead, Mackragorn turns back to cutting the lallang. Deciding that the 20 sen pocket knife is too slow, he decides to strap on his grass cutting machine (he carries it around in case got part-time grass cutting job when he is off Pegawai Lalulintas duty), and proceeds to hack bales of lallang at one go.

Mackragorn: BUAHAHAHA! See I so macho. And at anytime soon, my fair lady girlfriend will turn up and we shall make sweet love in the bed of lalang I have made!

Suddenly, as he is fantasizing about his romp in the lallang, he felt cold steel against his neck once again.

he thought to himself: "Aha! She is finally here!" and turns around, only to see....

ANOTHER guy, but with short hair, spectacles, pointy ears, and a little chubby.

Chubby elf: "Behold! I am Glordindel! I have come to help you save Kendo!"

Mackragorn: "GAH! Where is my lady love!?!?! Isn't she supposed to be the one who comes and save me? I have this nice soft bed of lallang all ready and we were going to... er... urm..

Glordindel: "Ahem. Enough dude. You see, the director decided that the movie version where the pouncy elf chick comes out to save the day was just too dumb, and too different from the book version that he decided to follow the book this time around and sent ME to save Kendo instead. Besides, he hates Liv Tyler anyway.

Mackragorn: "NOOOO! What have you done with my beloved then?!?!?!"

Glordindel: "Oh, don't worry. Your awek is now in her room, knitting some new briefs with your standard on them for you."

Mackragorn: "Oh. That's alright then. I was running out of underwear anyway.

So, Mackragorn and Glordindel headed back to the camp, where Suamwise was trying to force a whole lalang grass down Kendo's throat, and they swiftly put Kendo on Glordindel's Kapcai...

Mackragorn: "Wait a minute. A KAPCAI??!??! What happened to your Proton Iswara?"

Glordindel: "Oh. he got a better part in this parody."

... and off he went, with Kendo stuffed in the front basket, putt-putt-putting away down the road.

As they arrived at the Rothmans Roundabout, Glordindel looked back and saw...



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Who can alert me for the next episode??huahuahua...

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