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This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chapter 6.1: The Bloggits Arrive at Phileodell...

So yeah. When Gandaiz the purple and gang arrived at Phileodell, they saw Kendo already stuffing himself with all sorts of candy bought from Hong Kong, and marveled at the way the magic food of Phileodell had actually made him look even fatter than Suanwise (not that Suanwise was fat in the first place lar... please don't kill me!).

Anyway. When they managed to get over the shock of seeing an even rounder Kendo, the gang looked around. Phileodell was the land of the dancing elves, and everywhere they looked, they saw dancing elves in pink, yellow, red, blue, macam-macam warna tutus, prancing around, some doing the tango, some ballet, some were bellydancing, some were breakdancing ("Hmm, a breakdancing elf in a yellow tutu. NOW I've seen everything. Oh wait, I have seen a the bloggits dress up in bikinis doing the Macarena yet. So that's not everything yet" thought Gandaiz.), and one particularly old one was standing in front of a cafe doing a combination of the Macarena and Ketchup Song to to the beat of a Crazy Frog song.

Anyway, now that they were safe, the gnag decided to split up and enjoy life for a while. ("Remember, tomorrow got AGM. the LORD of PHILEODELL wants to meet us and give us a jamuan ringan" said Gandaiz before they split up).

Kendo decided to eat more candy, Suanwise decided to go the nearby mamak to get some roti pisang. Miniadoc decided to go check out the elves in tutus doing the Rhumba, while Petergrin fell asleep in his rocket powered wheelchair.

Mackragorn, he spied a lenglui hiding behind the waterfall, and terus lesap donno go where....



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