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Welcome to Bumi Tengah, The Malaysian LOTR Parody blog!!

This blog is mainly gonna be a parody of LOTR using Malaysian bloggers as main characters. To be updated whenever I feel like it. :)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Eyeron contemplates the resurrection of Bumi Tengah...

So it was that Eyeron was riding with the Army of the Dead GhostBalls, and did not have the means to update Bumi Tengah, because he was too lazy to think of nonsense to write.

But as time went by, he began to think of more stupid things to write about, and decided that the Bumi Tengah shall rise again, with increased regularity, and with more inane posts.

But... exactly HOW regular, would rely on the response it gets, and how many people actually READ this damn thing... hehe....

Stay tuned....