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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pix #5: Why Sauron needs the One Ring


Friday, October 06, 2006

Chapter 6.2: Mackragorn meets his Awek

Mackragorn headed towards the waterfall, awhere he saw the silhouette of his awek. As he approached her, he decided to sneak up on her and surprise her instead.

So... he snuck, and he snuck, and as he was about to jump out in front of her and yell SURPLISE!,... Suddenly, she SPUN AROUND, KICKED him in his BALLS, and in one swift movement, DROP-KICKED him in the shoulder, and when he was lying on the ground groaning in agony, she proceeded to kick him like a football in the kidneys a few more times before finally she finally realised...

"Eh, Mackragorn? It's you? Soli har darling, the haze is so bad I couldn't see who it was until now. I thought its a snatch thief you know, you can never be too careful because nowadays got so many snatch thief..."

"ARRGH. Urk. Gurgle. Argh. Gah..." said Mackragorn.

"...but then hor, I've been taking kickboxing classes at Elfitness First gym and they teach you how to decapitate an orc with one swing of the sword, and how to poke the eyes of a goblin so they can't shoot arrows..."

"gurgle... arg. orrrrgh. buek... Wen.."

"And then hor, my father send me to learn how to sew, of all things. he ask me to sew you a new wardrobe because he said the Mat Rock look no longer in-stail, must be Mat Rempit look now, so I got you a new helmet and stuck your standard there, and now I'm sewing your underwear, that's why i didn't get to go rescue you and Kendo and had to send Glordindel instead..."

"RAKSHARWEN!" yelled Mackragorn. "At least help me up first can or not????"

That woke Raksharwen up from her conversation with herself, and she decided to help Mackragorn up. "Haiyor, you har, so weka. kena drop kick and kicked in kidneys a bit also kenot tahan. I tell you har, my father last time kena chop by that Eyeron also no problem."

With that, the planned romantic moment Mackragorn had planned on spending with his supposed awek was ruined, and he had to go to the Elf Clinic to get MC.

And at that very moment, the bloggits were...